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Player Interview: Russ Mensah.

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After his winning goal this weekend and some great performances since his debut for the Tigers, asked Chiang Mai’s new Ghanaian forward, Number 16 Russ Mensah if he would mind answering a few questions via an email interview. Russ thankfully agreed and read below as he talks about his hopes the rest of the season season etc and gives a message to the Chiang Mai FC fans.


Russ Evans Mensah. Chiang Mai's Number 16. Forward

CMFC ENG: How are you liking the City of Chiang Mai and the People of Chiang Mai?

RUSS MENSAH: It is a very good city with lovely and friendly people.


CMFC ENG: Are you happy with the start to your CMFC carreer?

RUSS MENSAH: Yes I am very happy with the start I have made, I hope that I can help to take Chaing Mai FC out of the relegation zone and I hope God will help me achieve this.


CMFC ENG: What are your hopes for the rest of the season?

RUSS MENSAH: I hope that Chiang Mai will finish in a good position away from the relegation zone.


CMFC ENG: Can you tell us the main difference in the style of football between Thailand and your  home country of Ghana?

RUSS MENSAH: In Thailand the game is played with speed and they use the wings alot, but it is not a really physical game here. In Ghana the game is more physical and alot more ball control is used.


The Logo For The Ghanaian Football Association, Russ Mensah's Home Country


CMFC ENG: How have you found the support from the CMFC supporters?

RUSS MENSAH: I really love the supporters so much. When they sing there songs it really gives  me a boost, this helps me play hard as I always want to make them happy.


CMFC ENG: And finally, is there anything you would like to say to the CMFC supporters?

RUSS MENSAH: I want to tell the supporters to keep supporting us with their spirit and moral. We as a team will always do our best when we see the support in numbers in the  stadium. Please tell all the supporters to come and watch the games so we can get the stadium full which will bring all the spirit back to the team. The other big thing I would like to say is Thank You to you all for all your support. would like to thank Russ Mensah for agreeing to do this interview for us and we wish him and all the team luck for the rest of the season, starting on Sunday with the away game against Air Force Utd.



Russ Mensah. Chiang Mai F.C's new Ghanaian Striker.



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