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I’m a 36 year old English man from South Yorkshire in the north of England. I supported Rotherham United for 19 years before moving out to Thailand in 2004. I am a partner in a export business and my business partner also goes to the Chiang Mai fc games aswell. I live with my Thai wife and 12 year old step daughter, oh and not forgetting my 2 year old pitbull Toong Toa.1. I have only really started supporting them this season. I occasionally looked at the results online for the past couple of years, but this season I have started going to the home games on a regular basis and There are a number of Ex-Pats now that meet up at The Red Lion Pub in Chiang Mai at 4pm on the day of the game for a few beers food and just a bit of banter before heading to the game. It makes it a good day out.

My First game was the home game against Chaing Rai early in the season. I was impressed at how honest the game was, its total grassroots and I love that about it. The players tried hard, they are not the most talented but they really make up for that with hard work and commitment. I was very suprised at how the crowd gets into the game with the drums and trumpets etc, at that game there seemed to be around 1500 people at the game.

The last game I saw was the 4-0 win at home against Sukothai last weekend, the team are starting to play alot better now and probably deserve to be on top of the league. The crowd has increased as well, its better now they are playing at the 700 year stadium. I would estimate that there was around 3000 supporters last week.

So far, so good, they had a few bad results towards the end of the first half of the season but the win over promotion rivals pichit has seen them steady and put the bad results behind them. The whole team looks stronger in depth now. Obviously the main goal is to win the league and get in to the play offs then the goal at that stage is promotion to division

There is a lot more awareness of the team now in the city, there seems to be billboards and posters going up all around the town advertising the next game. I even saw a few delivery lorrys with big adverts down the side advertising the team. Even the ex-pat newspapers such as Chiang mai mail are starting to mention the team in the sports pages. Citylife magazine also does a coloum on them. So obviously the increase in crowd is putting money in the club which gives them a better adevertising buget and it seems to be working.

I think the more people that go and watch their local team the better, the money will filter to all levels and make it a stronger league, hopefully this will see the national team become stronger and who knows maybe Thailand will be good enough to attend the 2018 world cup. The most positive thing I can say about watching Chiang Mai is that it makes for a great evening out with new/old friends and the Thai’s make the Farangs feel very very welcome, they are always coming up and shaking hands with us etc.

If anyone wants to come along to watch any home games with us please join us at the red lion at 4pm on the day of the game, theres always room in someones car.

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  1. Mr Bushido says:

    hey up, rich….. nice to meet you all, mate….

  2. Paul T says:

    Great to see you spreading the good name of Rotherham Utd overseas! No mention of the big city next door either. Good stuff matey!

  3. Rodger Lowe says:

    This reminds me of old times Rich, would love to go to a game with you again. Up the MILLERS not forgetting CHIANG MAI FC.

  4. Jason Bryan says:

    Nice article Rich. I wonder if Gazza can get a van to come and watch a game with ya!!! Up The Millers!!!

  5. Paul Middleton says:

    Good article, I’ve been going down since last season too and am delighted to see an English page up! Im a Nottingham Forest fan but still enjoy getting my fix of football down at the 700 years….actually I recognize a couple of the blokes from your photo.

    See you in the Red Lion perhaps then!

  6. Mel says:

    I’m the guy with the cap on in the picture, just to put people straight that i am not a Rotherham fan no dis-respect to them of course but iv’e always aimed a little higher an became a Lifelong Arsenal Supporter, Gooner for life!!!!!

  7. Brendon says:

    Hi Rich and Co,

    Great to meet you boys at the game on Sunday, (27th Feb), really enjoyed it.

    I work at the A league in Melbourne every weekend at either Melbourne Victory or the Heart so it was a real bonus to experience Thai football.
    Thought the crowd was as big as most A league matches, (certainly as passionate!)

    Your web site is fantastic and thanks to your efforts, I can now keep up with the team’s results throughout the season.

    See you all at the Red Lion soon,


    Brendon Oehme

  8. samspade10 says:

    Wow, I wouldn’t want to get in a fight with any of you guys!

    Best wishes from Muangthong.

  9. Dan the man says:

    Hey guys,

    hope your having fun at the games missing it now I’m back in the UK, but just got the new shirt in the post from a good Thai friend. miss ya lads


    • Rich K says:

      Cheers Danny, a good win on Sunday helped get the tigers off the bottom and they looked very good with the new signings, lets hope they keep it up. Hope to see ya for a few beers on your next visit. Take care mate.

  10. Alan says:

    Hi guys. Been to Thailand on 3 occasions and Chiang Mai is my favourite place. Retiring there in 18 months. Still a way off but time flies. Soon be there. I love my football and i will definitely be at the Red Lion AND Chiang Mai FC when i eventually arrive. I am originally from Plymouth, so Plymouth Argyle is my team in the UK. Been to Rotherham many many years ago. I think Rotherham beat Argyle if my memory serves me. Best wishes and Good Luck to Chiang Mai FC !!
    Alan Munro

  11. James says:

    Just wondering if meeting at 4pm and going to the game is an on going thing as I am in town this weekend looking to do this?

  12. David says:

    I will definitely try and make the next home game, I am a sheffield United fan and need some cheering up from last season 😉 Just moved here a few months ago and living near Promenada shopping mall and not sure how or where the ground is located to drive. Will keep checking….great website Cheer David.

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